Thank you for your support of Selkirk Sport! As an advocate/sponsored player/influencer, you receive a 50% discount on Labs Projects and gear.

This discount code only works because you are tagged as an advocate/sponsored player on This code will not work on general Labs membership accounts.

Note: the discount codes will only be applied once you are on the checkout page.

Using your discount codes

You are only able to use one discount code per order. To purchase multiple projects and gear, you will need to place a separate order for each project and a separate order with gear. All Labs orders come with free expedited shipping, so placing separate orders will not affect your shipping rate.

Project 001 Discount Codes

Due to the nature of Labs being a separate division and the very limited quantity of Project inventory, you are able to receive TWO Project 001 paddles at a 50% discount. Below are two coupon codes for Project 001. You will need to use each discount code on a separate order (i.e. you can't place an order for both project paddles on the same order and use both discount codes on the same order).

1st 001 Paddle Discount Code: Sponsor-001-1
2nd 001 Paddle Discount Code: Sponsor-001-2

Project 002 Discount Code

Due to the nature of Labs being a separate division and the very limited quantity of Project inventory, you are able to receive ONE Project 002 paddle at a 50% discount. Below is coupon code for Project 002. 

002 Paddle Discount Code: Sponsor-002

Labs Gear Discount Code

You must place your gear order separately from your Project paddle order since you can only use one discount code on each order. Use the below discount code to receive 50% off on all Selkirk Labs Gear.

Gear Discount Code: Sponsor-Gear


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