Introducing Selkirk Labs

February 2022

Introduced in early 2022, Selkirk Labs is a first-of-its-kind program that offers pickleball enthusiasts the chance to join Selkirk Sport on the quest for pickleball perfection. Since its inception, Selkirk Labs has developed and introduced several industry-changing designs.

Work your way through the timeline to see when inventions were released.

Selkirk Labs Timeline

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001 & 002 Release

February 2022

Selkirk Labs introduced Project 001, featuring the patented Macro ProSpin concept, as their initial venture into innovative paddle design. With three carbon fiber layers and a polypropylene core, Project 001 aimed to provide players with enhanced control and power. However, after an extensive research and design phase, Project 001 was not integrated into Selkirk's primary product line and was retired in April 2023. In contrast, Project 002 gained attention when pro player Tyson McGuffin utilized it on the 2021 PPA Tour. This release showcased advancements like an aerodynamic open-throat design, QuadFlex hybrid paddle face, NextGen spin texture, and concealed "stealth technologies." Project 002's success prompted the development of the Power Air Line, a powerful paddle series.

001 and 002 paddles

003 Release

August 2022

Project 003 was a reflection of the original innovation that came from the popular AMPED collection, a trailblazer paddle series that answered player needs for both power and control. The thick paddle core in AMPED grew in favor among pickleballers because of its consistency and user-friendly sweet spot. Labs took the thick-core philosophy one step further with Project 003, creating the thickest pickleball paddle core ever at 20 millimeters.

003 paddle

001 Pro Net Release

April 2023

Designed for country clubs, facilities, and private courts, the industry-first 001 Pro Net is unveiled. With a carbon fiber frame and omnidirectional wheels, the Selkirk Labs 001 Pro Net is engineered for convenience, durability, and unmatched performance. Weighing in at 85 pounds, the 001 is significantly lighter and easier to set up than other semi-permanent nets on the market.

Event 1 Image

Pro Shoe Release

June 2023

The first shoe introduced by Selkirk Labs, the S01 Pro Court Shoe, sets a new standard for comfort and performance. Offered in a bold red colorway, the shoe is designed from the sole up to be lightweight and ultra-durable, enabling faster movement on the court. A unique ladder lacing system, high breathability fabric, and an extended sole wrap are added to support the quick, lateral movements made on the court.

The S02 Premium Court Shoe is designed to be a reliable and high-performing ally on the pickleball court. Its design — which features a reinforced toe box, an aerated midsole, and a durable rubber outsole — provides the perfect balance between speed and stability in a sleek black colorway.

s01 shoe

005 & 006 Release

June 2023

Project 005 is the solution for players seeking the perfect balance between power and control. The edgeless, open-throat paddle infuses a fiberglass face and honeycomb core. The advancements in Project 005's design and technology cater to the increasing demand for more powerful paddles without compromising control.

Project 006 pioneers the next generation of raw carbon paddles — thanks to its patent-pending MicroSpin raw carbon fiber paddle face — and introduces a new Tour paddle shape. The paddle is designed for tour and tennis players searching for a larger sweet spot, solid feel, and enhanced spin.

006 paddle
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