Selkirk Labs Project 001
Introducing the Macro ProSpin concept paddle by Selkirk—the first ever Selkirk Labs Project. The purchase price includes a collector’s case valued at $88, certificate of authenticity, and a complete paddle presentation. Standard weight range is 7.7 - 8.3 oz *Selecting any customization may...
Selkirk Labs Project 002
Created for Tyson McGuffin, the Air Dynamic Throat concept paddle by Selkirk delivers pure, unstoppable power. The purchase price includes a collector’s case valued at $88, a certificate of authenticity, and a complete paddle presentation. *Custom and guaranteed weight options are not available for Project 002....
Selkirk Labs Project 003
Purchase price includes a collector’s case and a complete paddle presentation.Plus, receive a $77 Labs Gift Card by submitting R&D feedback. Learn more about the future of Pickleball paddles here: The ultimate Pickleball paddle for control, power, and spin. Due...
Selkirk Protective Edge Guard Tape - Black
The new Selkirk Protective Edge Guard Tape helps keep the edges of your paddle safe from scrapes and dings. This additional layer of protection will extend the life of your paddle. 20mm is recommended for Power Air and SLK Omega...
Selkirk Sport Tungsten Tape - Four 8" Strips of 0.1oz Tape
These Tungsten Strips allow you to precisely add additional weight to your paddle.
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