Selkirk Labs: How does it work?

Selkirk Labs is the independent research and development (R&D) division of Selkirk Sport. Learn how Selkirk Labs memberships works and how you can test the next generation of pickleball paddle technology.


Selkirk Labs is the independent research and development (R&D) division of Selkirk Sport. The goal of Selkirk Labs is to promote collaboration, pickleball player involvement, and beta testing of new pickleball paddles. Selkirk Labs is a membership program where members can test the newest pickleball paddle technology that could turn into the next Selkirk pickleball paddles.

Who can sign up for Selkirk Labs?

Selkirk Labs is not meant for all pickleball players, it is for players who are adventurous and want to try the newest pickleball paddle technology. You have tried many different paddles and know what you are looking for. Selkirk Labs is for players who want the newest technology, but are also willing to give Selkirk feedback on that technology (good and bad).

Sign up as a Selkirk Labs member.

If you are an everyday rec pickleball player, your best bet is to try a Selkirk Sport pickleball paddle first.

How did Selkirk Labs get started?

Selkirk Labs started out of an idea from Selkirk Sport that pickleball players are the best people to test pickleball paddles long-term. Selkirk Labs members are able to pilot the newest pickleball paddle technology and determine the future of Selkirk pickleball paddles.

What happens after a Selkirk Labs pickleball paddle beta test?

The goal of Selkirk Labs is to gain feedback from dedicated pickleball players, and that feedback is used to determine whether a pickleball paddle is ready to be released into the mainstream market. There are a few incomes that can come from a beta test:

  • The paddle is ready to be turned into a Selkirk Sport pickleball paddle and released at our website.
  • The paddle needs some changes, which will be applied and either re-released as a Selkirk Labs paddle or as a Selkirk Sport paddle.
  • The paddle is not suitable for widespread release and will be shelved.

Selkirk Labs membership

To help beta test Selkirk Labs paddles, you will need to first be a Selkirk Labs member. The steps of applying for a membership:

  • Fill out your membership application.
  • All up to five business days for your application to be reviewed.
  • If approved, create your Selkirk Labs account.
  • Purchase a pickleball paddle.
  • Participate in projects, including beta testing and paddle review.

Apply for your Selkirk Labs membership here.

What if I want to return my Selkirk Labs pickleball paddle?

You can return your Selkirk Labs purchase within 30 days of the delivery date. You must return the collectors case and certificate of authenticity for a full refund. Projects returned without the collector's case and/or certificate of authenticity will only be partially refunded.

Selkirk Labs warranty

Selkirk Labs paddles come with a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

What is covered:

  • Handle breaks.
  • Loose edgeguard and cracking.
  • Face cracks.
  • End cap damage/loose.

What is not covered:

  • Normal wear & tear,
  • Graphic wear/fade.
  • Rattling (doesn't affect performance).
  • Abuse/neglect.
  • Damage caused by hits to the ground.

Learn more about the Selkirk Labs warranty here.

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