Selkirk Labs Credit for R&D Feedback FAQ

Q: Is it important for me to purchase a Labs Project using my own account in order to receive the credit for R&D feedback?

A: Yes, it’s vitally important that you apply for the Labs program, and purchase under your own account so that you can receive all the benefits of membership, the R&D credit opportunity being one of those benefits. 

Q: Am I eligible to receive the R&D feedback credit for each paddle I purchase from Selkirk Labs?

A: No, you are only eligible for one credit for each shape (Invikta, Epic, S2, etc.) within each project.
Example 1: If a Project 003 Epic and Invikta are both purchased, R&D credit will be provided for feedback for both the Epic and Invikta because they are each unique shapes.
Example 2: If three Project 003 Inviktas are purchased, the R&D credit will only be available once because it is one shape.

Q: Is the credit for R&D feedback still available on older Projects (i.e. 001 or 002)? 

A: Yes, we will continue to offer the R&D feedback credit in response to feedback provided for as long as we sell a particular Project paddle. Once a paddle is discontinued it will no longer be eligible for the feedback credit.

Q: Can I submit multiple R&D feedback responses to earn multiple credits for the same Project?

A: No, only one credit is available per Project purchased.  

Q: If I purchase a Project, leave R&D feedback and then return it, am I entitled to keep the credit for R&D feedback?

A: No, only full participation in the program will maintain the credit, you must purchase a Project, provide R&D feedback and keep the project in order to maintain the credit for the R&D feedback.

Q: Are Selkirk Advocates eligible to receive the credit for R&D feedback? 

A: Yes.

Q: Are purchases of Labs paddles made outside of the Selkirk Labs program eligible for the credit for R&D feedback?

A: We only accept feedback from Labs Members who purchased through the Selkirk Labs website.  Any other purchases of Labs paddles outside of the program, would not be eligible for the credit.

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