Paddle Feedback Form

Selkirk Labs highly values customer feedback on our paddles as it helps us continuously improve and tailor our products to meet the specific needs and preferences of our players.

Shoe Feedback Form

Your insights help us refine and enhance our footwear to ensure optimal performance and comfort on the court for our future footwear releases.

More Resources

Selkirk Customer Spotlight - Mark Hume from Corvallis

From Crossfit Gym owner to Pickleball lover! Learn more about one of our customers, Mark Hume, and his journey around discovering Pickleball.

Feedback FAQs

Do you have questions around our feedback credits and process? Read more about earning credits, submitting feedback, and the correct process around the forms.

Selkirk Customer Spotlight - Robert's PickleBall Journey

What Robert appreciates most about pickleball are the friendships he has made with people he plays with regularly. Read more about his journey.

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